First of all sorry for those friendly Bangladeshi fans who are honestly real with us.After seeing some posts(something about hockey match and stuff) and comments.We’ve decided to post this with All replies.

1) Difference of the size of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

2) Sports including Cricket 

3) Economics and Education 
1) Difference of the size of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka 
Sri Lanka

Area – 65,610 Km 

Population – 21.2 Million 

Area – 147,570Km ( Around × 2.2 like SL)

Population – 163 Million(Almost ×8 Like SL) 

As a small Island we considered as one of nicest place to even Visit by the way it’s not what we’re here to talk about.Let’s move on!!! 
2) Sports Including Cricket 
As i mentioned right on top they are keep saying about some hockey game.But the reality is(as well all know and what they can’t understand) is you are really sh*t at sports.As a country with 163 Million(Almost ×8 Like SL) population,which is the 8th largest populated country(Only second to China,India,USA,Indonesia,Pakistan Brazil and Nigeria) only have 67 Gold Medals in South Asian Games where Sri Lanka have 210 Gold Medals all time(which is where we all south asian compete and where we can get some idea about sports).Let’s get it to a list
Sri Lanka (58 Populated country)

Gold – 210

Silver – 351

Bronze – 553

Total -1114
Bangladesh (8th largest populated country)

Gold – 67

Silver – 177

Bronze – 403 

Total- 647

South Asian tournament is something India is dominating since ever only Pakistan ans Sri Lanka give some fight to them.So here is tge result list 

champions – 12 times(they won them all)
Pakistan (By golds) 

2nd places – 7 Times

3rd places – 4 times
Sr Lanka 

2nd places – 4 Times

3rd places – 7 times
Bangladesh (8th largest populated country) 

2 places – hell no 

3rd places – 2 times 
As a Country with such a low population we’re competing with India(2nd largest population) and pakistan(6th largest population) equally well.while 8th largest populated country don’t give a sh*t.Reality is when we competing we don’t even care about the players from the country called Bangladesh.In sports you nothing but a total bullsh*t.If it’s right such a populated country like you should be right up there competing with India in south asian games.
True we are not really into Hockey so may be you play better than us still there is not much of a difference(Ban men hockey team ranked 30 and we’re 38,women we’re at 47 and you are not even in top 75).India and Pakistan are couple of ruling countries in it and you are nothing but a piece of sh*t infront of them.

World’s most famous sport.You are talking about the ranking.Well,There is not much difference there as we are at 200th and you are at 197th actually there is nothing that we both can proud of.Even in the tournaments there aren’t so many successful things for both but some equally balanced stats) 

As the main point of all of these.Let’s talk.Sri Lanka is a country which has played 6 world cup finals
1996 Wc final(50 overs) – winner

2007 wc final(50 overs) – runner up

2009 wc final(20 overs) – runner up

2011 wc final(50 overs) – runner up

2012 wc final(20 overs) – runner up 

2014 wc final(20 overs) – winner 
And Bangladesh? Well they haven’t even reached a single Semi there is no point of talking world cups and Bangladesh 
Next thing is champions trophy.Sri Lanka become the shared champions in 2002 and have played couple of semi finals.Best ever achievement for Bangladesh in CT is reaching Semis in last season.
Next thing we’re playing in cricket as asians is Asia cup.Let’s see some of it
Sri Lanka 

1986 Winners 

1997 Winners

2004 Winners 

2008 Winners

2014 Winners 
1984 Runner up

1988 Runner up

1990/91 Runner up

1995 Runner up

2000 Runner up

2010 Runner up 
As you can see Sri Lanka won Asia cup 5 times(which is most number of time equal with India) and 6 times runner ups.Total 11 finals.and also SL has the best winning percentage among all in Asia cup games.
And Bangladesh

2012 – Runner up

2016 – Runner up

So Bangladesh never won! Only played couple of finals and lost them both so there is no point of talking about Asia cups with Bangladesh either.
As you can see when it comes to Tournaments there is not really a comparison.So let’s go for head to head games between SL and Bangladesh 

Matches played 20

Sri Lanka won 16

Bangladesh won 1

Draw 3
SL winning percentage 80%

Matches 44

SL won 36

Ban won 6

No results 2
SL winning percentage 85.71%
T20(where Bangladesh defeated us lately)

Matches 11

SL won 7

Ban won 4 
SL winning percentage 63.63% 
Total across all formats

Sl won 59

Ban won 11 
SL winning Percentage 78.66% 
So there is absolutely nothing Bangladesh can possibly proud of here either.
I’m not gonna mention SL team recors and the revolutions made by SL or any Induvidual player records here or else you willhave to read this long thing another couple of nights so let’s not talk about this any further.

End of the day there is nothing Bangladesh can troll us in cricket.So don’t be dumb.I think i don’t need to talk about sports anymore.If it’s right(as the 8 largest population) You should be dominating the world sports from all possible parts but the thing is you are not.So let’s move on to the next one.
3) Economics 
As you all can see Bangladesh is a huge country and as i mentioned they are the 8th most populated country so there is no point of talking about GDP,it’s totally stupid .If you want to Compare your GDP compare with a country same as your size not with a small Island.So if you so desperately want to compare it ,as you’ve been doing since last night,take GDP per capita(Which comes after dividing GDP by population)
Sri Lanka 

GDP per capita 3,797

GDP per capita 1,402
So there is clearly you can see the difference and get some idea of an average induvidual.Let’s get some logically comparable comparisons here on considering the size differences of the two nation.

House Hold Consumption 

SL 67.9% 

Ban 67.5% 
Unemployment rate 

SL – 

population without electricity: 1,334,100

electrification – total population: 94%

electrification – urban areas: 99%

electrification – rural areas: 93% (2013

population without electricity: 60,300,000

electrification – total population: 60%

electrification – urban areas: 90%

electrification – rural areas: 49% (2013
Moody Rating

SL – B1

Ban – B3
Fitch Rating 

SL B+ 

Ban BB-
Vehicle per people /1,000 people 

SL 70.10

Ban 3.85 
Life expectancy at birth        

SL 76.9 years   

BD 73.4 years
 Drinking water source access

 SL 95.6%

 BD 86.9%
Sanitation facility acess 

SL 95.1 %

BD 60 %
this means 40% bangladeshis defecate open
Literacy Rate

Sl 92.6 

BD 72.8
And if you want to compare here are couple of Links you can check – #######
Other thing Bangladeshis keep on commenting is the value of “Taka” well, Even Japanese Yen has a lowe value than both LKR and Taka ,Can you say that Japan is a poor country than both us?Sri Lanka isn’t a country with a largest prostitution villages like Dualatdia(\) .Come and visit here before make any statements about a country.Considering the size and population of your country this isn’t ideal.This is the reply for all your stupid nonsense.I guess we replied to all those immature comments.(Cannot expect a Bangladeshi to read something like this but just try and try to understand and please stop this bullsh*t 😛 ) 

Thank You!!!